Rosie in Jail Lacking Bail

News report in verse from the Nevada State Journal, August 28, 1910. Had No License to Show, So to the Coop Did She Go                                               ______        Rose Magul is a gypsy fair, with dark brown eyes and coal black hair. She’ll tell your fortune from cards or palms–and some times, she solicits alms.        …

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(Front page story in the Nevada State Journal, August 24, 1910) Reports Reach Reno That Lava Is Flowing From Crater                                               _____ RANCHERS STATE RUMBLING IS HEARD                _____ Reports From Heinze Ranch Confirm Early Reports of Activity                _____ CINDERS BELCHED FORTH                _____ Jenson Ranch Sends News of Yellowish Smoke Over the Crater                _____ See full article …


Students Steal a Skeleton

From the Reno Evening Gazette, August 23, 1910  “Freshmen Beware. Beware!” shout the Sophomores of the University of Nevada, “you have desecrated the bones of the dead and you have surely brought upon yourselves which will never be wiped out as long as you are in college.” The poor shivering Freshmen believe them and as …

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University Opens Today for Fall Semester

From the Reno Evening Gazette August 15, 1910, p. 1        Vacation days are over and today from all parts of the state, and from many points in California, students are arriving to register in the University of Nevada. Every train arriving in this city drops off a few students and now the college campus which last …

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World Famed Artists Will Give Recitals

From the Reno Evening Gazette, August 9, 1910, p. 5        Byron G. Harlan and Ada Jones, the famous artists whose voices have delighted a million owners of Victor and Edison phonographs, are in Reno for a few days.        The admirers of their records which are the most popular on the list, will have an …

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Flames Eat Three Buildings in City

A gas explosion at 2:00 p.m. August 3rd, 1910 resulted in Reno’s worst fire of the year, gutting Storks & Jacobs Taylor Shop, the Montana Saloon, and  Scott’s Barber Shop in the 200 block of North Virginia. All the businesses were insured.