Cooler Weather Acclaimed by All

From the Nevada State Journal (Reno), August 1, 1910, page 6

Many Took Advantage of Perfect Sunday For Trip to Nearby Resorts

       More moderate weather brought out the pleasure seekers in full force yesterday, and all of the nearby resorts were crowded all day.
       Lake Tahoe claimed the week-end parties, of course, and many of these will not return until today or tomorrow. Advices from the lake indicate that things are booming there this year in a record-breaking way.
       Rick’s, Moana Springs, and other roadhouses near this city had their usual Sunday quota of visitors. Scarcely a horse and buggy or an automobile in all the city but was not in constant use during: the day. Although the roads were crowded, no serious runaways have been reported.
       Laughton’s Springs was the mecca of those who wanted a cooling ride in the motor or aboard their own automobiles or carriages. The baths were crowded all day. Bowers Mansion and Steamboat Springs were also the objective points of auto parties that wanted to get farther out of town.