Rosie in Jail Lacking Bail

News report in verse from the Nevada State Journal, August 28, 1910.

Had No License to Show, So to the Coop Did She Go

       Rose Magul is a gypsy fair, with dark brown eyes and coal black hair. She’ll tell your fortune from cards or palms–and some times, she solicits alms.
       No beggars permitted on Reno streets, they must beware of the coppers’ beats; and fortune tellers too are barred, if they do their work by hand or card (unless they take a license out and make it lawful beyond all doubt).
       But Rosie had no license to show: when the officer inquired she said “No.”  “Come with me, and do not weep,” he said as he took her to the keep. So Rosa in the lack of bail, was locked up in the city jail.
       At the gypsy camp they wait for Rose; where she is nobody knows. She’ll get a hearing tomorrow morn, and be fined ten sure’s you’re born.

Update: Rose Magul was fined $25 after pleading guilty to fortunetelling without a license, but not guilty to begging on the streets.