Gamblers to Obey New Law

September 21, 1910 Reno Evening Gazette

       This was a busy morning with the Reno gambling house proprietors. Whispered consultations were held and an air of mystery pervaded the purlieus of Dame Fortune.
       A rumor got started and was hard to stop to the effect that something was about to be done in a legal way to prevent the strong arm of the law from enforcing the edict of the state legislature.
       It was whispered that some sort of a restraining order would be sought, or that some devotee of the cause would operate a gambling device after the dawn of October 1 and thus a test case would be had.
        There was even some talk to the effect that a lawyer had come out from New York City—where there is more illicit gambling in one night than there is legal gambling in Nevada in a year—and that he would arrange to fix things for the local gamesters.

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