Great Exodus of Gamblers

From the Reno Evening Gazette, October 4, 1910

“… They have gone in flocks and a prominent boss gambler today stated that before election day at least 400 men will have left the city of Reno. This will certainly be hard on the democratic party as hertofore the democrats have secured their strong vote in the third ward, commonly called the gamblers’ ward.”

In the first week without gambling there was some debate on the fate of the abandoned gambling establishments. Some of the owners wanted to nail boards over their windows and “make Commercial Row look as deserted as possible.” According to an editorial in the Evening Gazette, “one of the arguments against closing the dives on Commercial Row was that it would leave the street darkened and give people on passing trains a bad impression of the place … string arc lights along the erstwhile Gamblers’ Row. Let it not be said of Reno that the close of gambling darkened the town.”

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