September Deaths and Births

From the Reno Evening Gazette, October 12, 1910

       During the month of September, according to the report of Dr. A.L. Rice, health officer, there were fifteen deaths in this city, eight males and seven females.
       Of these twelve were residents and three non-residents, eight married, five single, one widowed, and one unknown. All were of the white race.
       Tuberculosis claimed six victims. One victim each died from hemorrhage, railroad accident, electrocution, valvular disease of the heart, senility, carcinoma of the bladder, fracture of the neck, cerebral hemmorhage and accidental drowning.
       There were fourteen births reported, four males and ten females. Of the parents seven couples were natives of the United States, three of Italy and two of France.
       Two cases of diptheria were reported, four of scarlet fever and three of typhoid fever.

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