Johnson-Jeffries Aftermath

The Reno Evening Gazette reported on October 27th, 1910 that the “famous arena” in which “Champion Johnson whipped the once famous J. J. Jeffries”  was being torn down and the lumber was being carted away  “… If any more battles are to be fought in this city another arena will have to be provided because the lumber used in the Jeffries-Johnson arena will never be used for the same purpose again.”  Lawsuits by the architectural firm and by Charles Friedhoff, the builder against the Reno Athletic Association, the organization that commissioned the arena, and the landowner Flanigan, were dismissed and all proceeds for the lumber sales were to go to Friedhoff, who  would assume the debt to the architects. Flanigan would keep his land.

In another article the same day, it was reported that the City Clerk, Herbert Christie, was arrested for embezzlement of $7,895 from the city treasury. It was later learned that he had used the city funds for a private bet on Jeffries to win the fight.


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