Nevada in Film

Over the years, Nevada has been a popular place for the filming of motion pictures. UNR, specifically, has been featured in a number of films. During the 1940s-1950s, the charming, traditional ‘academic’ style of campus buildings made the University of Nevada an ideal location for filming movies with campus settings. In that time, eight Hollywood films were shot on campus: Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble (1944), Margie (1946), An Apartment for Peggy (1948), Mother is a Freshman (1949), Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949), Captive City (1952), 5 Against the House (1955), and Hilda Crane (1956). From 1944-1948, the film studios utilized the university’s student body as a ready pool of extras. However, after 1948, due to the number of students cutting class, the studios were banned from using students as extras. With the new restrictions, Hollywood made only three more films. In 1954, the Board of Regents drafted a policy limiting future studios to shooting on campus only during university vacations.

Campus isn’t the only setting for films, though. One of the most famous films shot in Nevada was The Misfits. Filming took place in many prominent locations including Pyramid Lake, the Mapes Hotel, Harrah’s Casino, Misfits Flats, and on Virginia Street. Another film, The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926), was filmed on the Black Rock Desert and surrounding areas, including Devil’s Canyon and Paradise Valley.

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